My Private Foam Party with Clairol Color Blend Foam

I haven't dyed my own hair in about two years, but have been tempted to try out the latest trend in at-home hair color, foam, and had a party in my bathroom last week with Clairol Nice n' Easy Color Blend Foam. Excited at first, mixing the formula and figuring out the secret behind working the foam, but once I began applying the color to my roots I think it actually hit me that I was dying my own hair.  This video captures the moment perfectly:

I went for a darker shade of brown and was really impressed by the foam technology.  I remember when I used to dye my hair, the liquid would drip down my hands and I would quickly rub it into my hair hoping it wouldn't drip onto my face.  The foam was thicker, which offered more control.  After 25 minutes I rinsed, conditioned (have to love those magical conditioners that come with at-home hair dye ah-mazing), and anxiously blow dryed to check out my new shade.  What do you think?

Thinking about dying your hair?  Give it a try.  My shade choice was right on (they have 18 different colors) and it's fool proof.  Post your before and after pictures on Clairol's Facebook page, share your experience and tell Clairol why you should be their "Foambassador" at the People's Choice Awards.  Yes, they're giving away a trip!

On a weekly basis for the month of August they're picking winners to receive free Color Blend Foam and one winner will be voted by Clairol fans to go to the big awards show. Think VIP style.

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are of my honest thoughts.