and then there was CKO Kickboxing

As old school Diddy blasts through the speakers and sweat drips off of my face and into my eyes I keep reminding myself to just dance.  The minute I look at the most intense hour of my day as a dance class, is the minute I put mind over matter.  Just dance.  Otherwise, I'd never survive.  Then again, giving up isn't an option.  It's not that kind of workout.  I'm introducing you to CKO Kickboxing.  If you think you've taken kickboxing classes before (so did I), you haven't. Spending my summer in NJ threw an elbow into my fitness routine.  First, I joined a personal training gym, which has been a huge success.  But then, I found CKO.  This, my friends, is no joke.  I love a good challenge, but love learning new fitness techniques even more.  After hearing about CKO through friends who lived in Hoboken and Staten Island for months, I couldn't wait to try it.  Living in the city, it wasn't an option.  Can you believe there isn't a CKO in NYC?

My kickboxing partner – my dad, 55 years old and in the best shape, and I face the bag two to three times a week.  Between hooks, upper cuts and round houses we're challenged to burpees, squat jumps and planks.  It is a full body workout.  The instructors all have the same attitude – "You're here for a reason, suck it up." Motivating the entire time,  stopping to catch your breath would be an embarrassment.

My studio CKO Kickboxing is in Fanwood, NJ.  Come, join me for a class.  I dare you!