Ciara's Stylist Talks Her New Album Cover Style & Shoot Details

"Ciara and I have a great relationship," Cesar Ramirez, her stylist of four years says. "We are both dedicated and hard working and share a similar vision of perfection."  In case you haven't heard it yet, Ciara's new album, "Ciara," is worth downloading for her three new hit singles alone.  All in one day, her cover was shot and that hair... of course, is something to talk about.  A bit of extensions and sexy waves, I got the scoop from Ramirez himself on what the day was like plus a quick how-to. What was the vibe on set? 

The vibe on a Ciara set is always fun and full of energy! It's inspiring when you work with a beautiful open minded client who is willing to play and take suggestions. On set, you can hear anything from Sade to Madonna playing in the background.

What was your inspiration for her cover look?

Ciara and I were both inspired by our favorite model Kate Moss. We love her simple "cool girl" attitude. Our goal was to stay as true to Ciara as possible and at the same time feature her sex appeal.

Did she ask for anything specific?

Ciara asked for something fresh!! I kept it simple yet sultry. She wanted a signature look that would be fashion forward and create a trend, which was very smart of her and something we accomplished.

Who did you collaborate with to come up with the look?

The team included Yolanda Fredrick (Ciara's long time makeup artist) Jamaica (Ciara's long time Coreographer) and I. We always come together with Ciara and discuss what fits and feels right for the moment and then go execute.

What type of extensions did you use and why?

A little enhancement is always fun! Bits and pieces create drama for shoots and film. Indique has amazing hair and it’s my go to hair spot.

What are the 5 must have items in your kit when on set?

My croc flat iron

My Nume waving rod 3 in 1

My boar bristle toothbrush

Moroccan oil hairspray

Redken powder grip

Did Ciara want anything you used?

Yeas. My skills!