East Meets West at the Chuan Spa

Chuan_SpaWhen it comes to spa treatments, I can always choose the most effective over the most pampering and while most combine elements of both, I'd rather see and feel results before walking out feeling tickled.  Two weeks ago I ventured to the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California to check out a new spa, Chuan Spa, and found the east meets west approach surprisingly appreciated for all it had to offer.


I opted to try their most popular treatment – the Chuan Stone Therapy Massage. Before stepping into the treatment room, I filled out a form that identified how I felt physically and emotionally in that moment.  The massage, a traditional Chinese treatment, consisted of a hot stone treatment that followed the meridian lines (energy lines in our bodies) and stimulate the meridian points.  Much like accupuncture, but instead of using needles, the pressure from hot stones and hands are used.  The heat from the stones helps to bring blood to the area increasing the circulation in the body, which recharges your body and gives you more energy, making the body work at an optimal level.

To my surprise, it began with a chant, Hatha yoga style, which thank God I practice, because otherwise I would have thought it was strange.  My massause explained that meditating before a massage helps to relax the mind, which allows the body to fully be at ease.  After reviewing my form, he decided to focus on balancing out my earth element and used the appropriate oil.


Immediately afterwards, I was relaxed and brought to the Chuan Spa's Dream Room, which was just that, a dream – five twin sized waterbeds separated by curtains in dim lighting.  I was welcome to lay there as long as I wished.  Did I feel more energized? Yes, but the next day.

The elements of eastern and western culture were definitely influenced by each other through out my massage, which made it effective and relaxing. The entire Chuan Spa menu is set this way and is ultimately what makes the spa a stand out.

The Chuan Spa is located at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, CA.