Christian Applegate Partners with Gilt for BCA

Earlier this month I posted about Estee Lauder's BCA campaign with Elizabeth Hurley, which I really admire and hope you took part in.  I just came across another fantastic BCA collaboration between Christina Applegate, a breast cancer survivor and founder of, and that you have to check out. Since Applegate was only 36 when she was diagnosed, the partnership with Gilt was apropriate since she wanted to teach younger women about early detection and her views on breast cancer.  Of course, where else would you find us but shopping for shoes?

"The reason I started Right Action for Women was to get the word out that this doesn't just happen to women who are over 55... I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer," Applegate says.  For her, early detection was everything and her doctor sent her for an MRI instead of a mammogram.  Who knew MRI's could even detect it?

Check out the video of Christina below and shop her favorites on Gilt today at noon.