Chic Neutral Nail Ideas

neutral-nails0.jpgWhile we love a pop of color for summer, neutrals never go out of style. And neutral polishes make your tips look clean and sophisticated. Here are chic neutral nail ideas to spice up your mani, while still maintaining elegance.

neutral-nails.jpgAngled Lines

The clean lines in this sharp design add an intriguing dimension to the natural curve of the nails. It’s a totally chic way to incorporate two different tones of the same shade.

neutral-nails2.jpgBlack Tips

A thin, black line across a pale shade like Essie in Ballet Slippers offers a new way to wear a classic French mani. We love nothing more than black polish. #classy

neutral-nails5Colored Edges

Similar to the black tips, these skinny multi-colored tips are unique and fun look for summer. The variety of colors painted thinly on the outer edge allows them to compliment instead of compete against one another.

neutral-nails4.jpgFoil Nails

Adding shine to a neutral color is a simple but effective way to rock a chic neutral mani. The metallic adds a nice texture without overwhelming. We like the Barry M Foil Effects Polish ($4.76).

neutral-nails0.jpgOmbre Shades

We just love this idea of an ombre neutral mani. Choosing a shade like brown gives this particular mani a fresh look.