My CEW Beauty Awards Prep & Hysterical Presentation Thanks to Mario Cantone

Last Friday I had the honor to be a presenter at the CEW Beauty Awards at the Waldorf Astoria.  I can't even begin to explain how excited I was and how big of a deal this was for me.  Everyone who's anyone in the beauty industry is there.  CEO's of every company, their PR and marketing teams that I work with daily and everyone in edit.  Literally, the Waldorf Astoria ballroom is full of about 1,000 of beauty's best.  Let's put it this way, it's an honor to be invited every year, but to be ask to present is the biggest honor.  This is the first year they had members of the industry present.  Mario Cantone from Sex and the City hosted as he does every year and let's just say he decided to have some fun introducing me. I began my prep by hunting for the perfect dress, which wasn't hard to find.  I knew I wanted something bright and when I laid eyes on Nanette Lepore's Spring 2012 collection  I  was sold.

A spray tan the day before at Sundara followed by conquering loose waves the morning of at Dry Bar (I swear by their blow outs) I was prepping for this like it was the Oscars.  It is the Oscars for us beauty people.  To top it all off CoverGirl set up a suite for the award presenters at the Palace Hotel so we could get our makeup and hair done.  Thank God!  While I can do my makeup for everyday, I'm no makeup artist and definitely needed some help.  My makeup artists understood who I was and the natural look I was going for and I couldn't have felt more confident.

Now here's where things got a little cray... As Mario Cantone was introducing me he decided to take "BeautySweetSpot" and have some fun with it in a sexual kind of way.  Ladies, I can't even explain it all because it would sound too vulgar if it were typed, but let's just say that I was prepared to go up to the podium, say what I had to say and sit back down.  Instead, Mario decided to have a little fun with me and we ended up putting on quite a show in front of the whole industry!  I had to clear up that "BeautySweetSpot" is not sexual and he decided to pretend to "find my sweet spot" in front of everyone!  Go ahead, use your imagination... yes, that happened!

If I had a career bucket list (which thank God I don't because it would be outrageous), presenting at the CEW Beauty Awards would have been on there.  I'm so honored and glad that I had a chance to stand up in front of the whole industry and thank them.  If it weren't for everyone in that room, I wouldn't be where I am today.  Here's a complete list of the winners.


CEW asked me to participate as a presenter in its Beauty Awards.  In exchange, I have received a gift bag that includes samples of the nominated products.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.…