Celebrity Stylists Jen Atkin Dishes the Secret to Beautiful Hair

Celebrity Stylist, Jen Atkin has her hands in everyone's hair in Hollywood working with  leading ladies and men including George ClooneyPenelope Cruz, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie to name a few.  Atkin dishes about working with Sofia Vergara for the Met Gala and her number one tip for strong, beautiful hair, which is why she's now the spokesperson for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy.

What do you like better, working with the women or the men?

The one thing I've noticed is all of my clients, regardless of who they are, want to feel confident and beautiful. I feel really lucky being able to do what I do and collaborate with them, try different looks, and recommend the right products, to help bring out their own style.

Do you like that being a stylist has given you the opportunity to work with both women and men?

Whether a man or a woman, my clients get all of my attention.  It's a lot of fun working with both men and women.  The whole process of getting to know people, listening to them, and finding a mutual vision for what they want their hair style to be is always exciting and rewarding.

Who have you worked with lately and what did you do?

I had the opportunity of working with Sofia Vergara for the 2012 MET Ball. She is a great client and friend of mine, so we always have a fun time working together. I thought she looked stunning in her Marchesa dress.

What's the number one request you receive from your female clients?  How do you achieve it? 

Women want to look and feel confident, and hair is a big part of that. Whatever look they’re going for, my clients all want strong, beautiful hair.  And to get them there, I tell my clients start at the source: the roots. I love the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy line of shampoos and conditioners because it gently cleanses & nourishes the scalp and hair, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. This makes styling a lot easier!