I Surrendered to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Gucci Westman for This Photo Shoot

Last week I attended a Revlon event with makeup artist Gucci Westman and ended up in a photo shoot wearing green eyeshadow.  I was super stoked to attend, because Westman is a celebrity makeup artist that I always interview backstage at NY fashion week, but never have quality time with her.  The fact that she was doing my makeup had me so excited that I surrendered to her talent and wound up with green eyeshadow!

Being a girl who never wears color on her eyes, I was frightened when I saw what she was doing at first using Revlon ColorStay EyeShadow in Luscious, but trust me, you don't question Westman.  The shadow palette is brand new and has 16 hours of staying power.  My finished look consisted of mossy green runway eyes complimented by Revlon ColorBurst Lip Color in Gumdrop, which I loved and natural skin.

My eyeliner was fierce and I loved it. I always have trouble with eyeliner.  It never stays put on my inner rims!  "When you line the upper and lower inner rims it makes your liner last longer," Westman explained.  "The color transfers from one water line to the other."  She used Revlon Luxorious Color Eyeliner in Black Velvet, which was strikingly black and super sexy.  It lasts all night long!

Of course, the above pics are from my photo shoot, which you can see I couldn't stop laughing.  Sorry you can't really see the eye makeup, but posing was super awk!