Celeb Stylist, June Ambrose Dishes on Fall Trends and Styling Jay Z

I was recently asked in an interview who I would go out with if I could have a date with anyone in the world.  My answer – Jay Z.  I believe he's one of the most intelligent, talented and influential men in the world.  Well, I didn't get that date yet, but thanks to Caress, I got to pick the brain of his stylist, June Ambrose, their brand ambassador.  Other celebs she's worked with include Zoe Saldana and Kelly Ripa (someone else I want to do dinner with).  Check out what she has to say about her beauty must haves, what's worth splurging on this fall and styling my main man, Jay Z. What are your top three beauty must haves and how do they help you express your personal style?

1.       A nicely scented body wash. Right now, I’m loving Caress Endless Kiss Silkening Body Wash. The rich blend of creamy vanilla and sandalwood scents helps set the tone for my day and even inspires my mood and wardrobe, while the moisture beads leave my skin super soft.

2.   Lip scrubs! I create my own with sugar and vaseline to exfoliate my lips & leave them moist. It’s also a great primer for matte lipsticks!

3.   Tea bags for puffy and tired eyes is another go-to! I place cold (used) tea bags under my eyes in the morning and evening. It’s my grandmother’s remedy that she has used for years.

Nail art has become paramount to self-expression and personal style.  What are your favorite nail art trends and why?

I love the stiletto nails! They give the appearance of longer leaner finger and bring out the sexy, vampy side of me.

When working with Jay Z how does grooming play a part in his overall image?

A well groomed man always feels like a rocafella in a suit. Manicured hands always make a man’s watch stand out! He's known for the details.

What trends can we expect to see this Fall?

Oh the fall trends are so great! Lots of animal print, gold fit for a queen, color blocking & lots of lace and leather!

What should we save on and what should we splurge on?

Definitely splurge on a strong boot (that you can use every day) and save on metallic pieces (since they are a one-season trend).

You've been given the opportunity to help celebs reinvent their image.  Is there one piece of advice you give to all of them when starting over?

Trust yourself complete, because emancipating you look requires major confidence! If you can “wear” that confidence, then evolving is so much easier!