Celeb Makeup Natural Vs. Glam

When it comes to makeup I normally wear very little, but if it's a special occasion I may throw on some eye shadow.  Turns out, I'm in luck because 70% of guys actually find the natural, fresh-faced makeup look sexier than the glammed-up femme fatale. Fifty men were polled by DailyMakeover.com to find out what guys really think of your makeup. Each man was presented with two shots of celebrities -- Ashley Greene, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Zoe Saldana -- wearing very natural makeup and a more dramatic look. The guys were then asked which look they preferred and why. Here's the breakdown:

Ashley Greene Natural: 76%
Glam: 24%

Charlize Theron Natural: 72%
Glam: 28%

Megan Fox Natural: 82%
Glam: 18%

Jennifer Lopez Natural: 62%
Glam: 38%

Zoe Saldana Natural: 54%
Glam: 46%

Do you agree with the men?  I do.

When do you go glam?