Castello Tagliapietra Created A Walk Through the Rainforest


A quiet sophistication blended with romanticism while strolling through a dewy environment like the rainforest was the theme for Castello Tagliapietra's Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week show.  To complement the collection all it took was minimal make up, wet nails and sleek hair.

Nail guru, Deborah Lippmann for wanted to create a neutral feeling with a point of a view for a sophisticated, chic woman.  Combing two colors Fashion and Waking Up in Vegas to create a perfect nudish-grey hue with a high gloss top coat to create that wet look.  During the interview I confessed a beauty sin... I sometimes skip the base coat when I do my own nails.  Deborah simply stated how it's imperative to use both base and top coat for a manicure to not only protect the nails but not to allow color to seep through and for a longer lasting manicure.  My new beauty promise to myself is to not rush and start using base and top coat - thanks Deborah!

I use a lot of different colors when applying makeup especially for my eyes (you should check out my makeup case!).  When I saw that there was only one, yes just one, color used to create this romanticized look I was floored!  Lisa Butler, Lead Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics, wanted to emulate an elegant, romanticized look that reminded her of the 30's.  All she used was a cream based eyeshadow in Burnt Coral for eyes and cheeks.  She dabbed on the cream shadow all around the eyes and the apples of the cheeks.  For the lips she used a big, fluffy brush, as opposed to the pointy ones typically used for definition, to dab on the lips and wiped off the excess for a clean edge.  You don't need to be a professional to recreate the look, but make sure you don't use powder since it's harder to correct if you make any mistakes.

Lead Stylist, Nelson Vercher for Redken may have found a solution for the humidity challenged hair calling sleek, wet hair chic.  He used a layering tecnique in this order - cream leave-in conditioner, silicone based product such as Redken's Glass and lastly with thickening lotion.  To create the elegant bun in the back by separating the hair top and bottom and created a french twist on the bottom and one on top.  A great addition to your rainy day 'do arsenal.