Embrace Your Inner Angelina with Cardio Kick Boxing

Two weekends ago I found myself puttying around the gym and just knew my head wasn't into it.  A "Kick It" class was about to begin and I knew if I was going to get anything out of my morning there I'd have to join.  Little did I know what I was getting into.  With 2.5 pound weights in hand, I lasted 30 out of 45 minutes and anxiously returned the next week again to make it only a half hour!  Looks like I have a new challenge: Cardio Kickboxing, bring it on! The Sargent behind the class, Marta Watson at Club H is anything but forgiving.  I like to say it's run military style and the cardio is so high intensity that I after a half hour I find myself dripping in sweat and almost collapsing to the floor.

"My energy is always up," Watson commented.  "If people who take my class keep their energy up and push themselves through it they can burn up to 1,000 calories in the 45 minutes."

Clearly, I'm not one of those people, but I'm determined to be!  There are a ton of regulars who are killing it in class, but it bothers me that their form is off.  I'm all about form.  Having taken kick boxing classes before I can do a mean jab, cross and upper cut.  The round kick?  Forget about it.

I feel completely bad ass when I'm kickboxing, like I'm embracing my inner Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.  I have to admit though, as much as I welcome the new challenge, it's really frustrating to not be able to keep up considering how much I work out.  Cheers to upping my cardio game!