BYOB to Prevent Your Hair Color from Fading

Last week I sat in the chair of Kyle White at Oscar Blandi, a celebrity colorist who I recently worked with for New York Live.  As he was going through his tips for making hair color last longer (don't shampoo daily, use a thermal protector, etc), one really stood out – BYOB. No, not booze, brush.  Bring your own brush!   Allow me to explain. The number one problem people who color their hair face is fading.  As a brunette, I can tell you that the orangish shade my hair color turns is not flattering.  Orange isn't even a hair color!  Blondes fade to whitish, which is OK, because platinum blonde is still at least considered a hair color and red heads fade out to a coppery shade, which again, isn't ideal, but at least its in the same color family.  Therefore, if you're a brunette like me, sorry, we have it the worst.

Whenever you dry your hair at home make sure you're using a natural bristle brush.  Metal brushes are our hair's worst enemy.  It comes as no surprise that metal conducts heat, which is why when we use them, our blow outs come out so smooth and are done so quickly.  However, the heat also fades our hair color at a rapid pace while causing damage to our strands.

I visit blow out bars regularly and you know what?  They're all trained to use metal brushes, because they allow the stylist to get the quickest results and turn their chairs over. Whenever you go get your hair done or if you frequent a dry bar type of place like me, BYOB – bring your own brush. Yes, it will take the stylist twice as long to do your hair, but you they won't be frying it or sacrificing your color.  As Kyle said, "Think about that black shirt that fades each time you throw it into the dryer."