How to Create A Blake Lively-esque Bubble Ponytail

bubble-ponytail.jpgNever mind diamonds. Ponytails are really a girl’s best friend. Long, short, messy, clean, high, low – the list goes on – but how about creating a bubble effect in your pony? The "it" bubble ponytail was be seen on Blake Lively at the Met Gala as well as on the runway during this year’s Valentino show.  With a little help from Redken Celebrity Hairstylist, Jenny Balding, we got the scoop on how to get the look.  From runway to red carpet and now, to real way... because who doesn't want to look like Blake Lively?

  1. Smooth hair into a ponytail and secure tightly with a hairband
  2. Brush the ponytail to make sure there is a sleek smooth surface
  3. Start at the base, brush backwards underneath the pony, and tease it out to create a puffy texture
  4. Use a small hairband and starting at the bottom of the tail, tie all the way up to create desired amount of “bubbles”

Depending on what you're wearing or how you do your makeup, this bubble ponytails can be edgy or sophisticated.  If you're blonde like me, try using black hair ties for an edgy look and clear for a more polished style.  A brunette like Jeannine, or any other hair color, using clear elastics or ones that match your hair color are best.