Brooke Burke Dishes Her Guilty Pleasures

Last week around 3pm I was anxiously awaiting a call from Brooke Burke.  At 3:03 my phone rang and an apologetic Brooke immediately placed me on hold so she could quiet the kids.  The California based mother of four, model and co-host of Dancing with the Stars has landed herself yet another gig – a partnership with Suave, encouraging women to indulge in themselves without feeling guilty.  Hey, why not? You wear so many hats, what's your favorite and how do you do it all?

Family comes first always.  I love what I do.  I'm so blessed to host DWTS, love blogging and find Modern Mom very therapeutic, but all of that is the icing on the cake beyond my family.  I feel all of my jobs compliment each other so I can do it all.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Yes, set reasonable goals.  Write a bucket list of everything you want to accomplish.  I believe every woman should dream and have aspirations, but after writing your list start chipping away at them.

You always look stunning on DWTS.  What's your secret?

Less is more for me, but I love Cellceuticals, topical vitamin C's, a good gloss and mascara.

Have you always been into fitness?  What's the secret behind your beach body?

I do Pilates Plus, eat very healthy and believe in small, smart meals.  I've always been into fitness and have learned what works for my body and lifestyle.  It's all about taking out time for yourself, too.  As a mother, others come first, but you can't lose your sense of self.

How does that relate to your partnership with Suave?

That's why I was excited to partner with Suave.  Their campaign is all about "me time," which can be just ten minutes a day, even just enjoying your simple shower and making it luxurious with one of their body washes.  I make sure to take time out for myself to do things like work out.  It's all about being organized and making the time.

(You can visit the Suave Facebook page to enter their Smart Splurge Contest).

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

Cooking is my ultimate escape.  I love going to farmers markets and making salsas and sauces.  It's theraputic.  With four children and a family of six, the kitchen is my conference room.  I drink wine, red is my favorite, and light candles.