Bridal Hairstyles for Any Occasion

bridal-hairstyles We saw all kinds of low buns on during Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week. While it may seem like a very simple, standard hairstyle, the runways proved that stereotype wrong. With small braids, sleek twists and knots, the intricate details of these low buns are appealing in so many ways.  Of course, you don't need to be a bride to rock these chic updos.  See one you like? We’ve got the bridal hairstyle how-to’s so you can recreate them at home for any affair.

bridal-hairstylesSleek Twisted Bun at Carolina Herrera

We absolutely love this twisted delicate bun seen on Carolina Herrera’s runway. If you want to recreate it’s clean details, stylist Stephanie Belly says it’s all about keeping the hair straight and slick.

  1. Start by applying a heat protectant on dry hair from roots to ends and rough blow-dry into the hair.
  2. Next, slick back the hair using a generous amount of Kerastase Forme Fatale before pulling it back into a ponytail in the middle back of the head.
  3. Then, flat ironed the ponytail until it's completely straight and apply a shine serum to the end of the ponytail.
  4. Finally, create loop details. To do so, wrap the hair around three fingers, place an elastic over the loop for support and smooth the ends as you wrap and pin around the hair tie as to hide it.


Bridal Fashionweek October 2014 - Marchesa - KérastaseBraided Bun at Marchesa

This braided bun, created by hairstylist Akemi Tamaribuchi, has just the perfect bit of a peek-a-boo braid effect.

  1. Start by dividing your hair into two sections at the top and bottom and clip the top.
  2. Next, create a classic braid on a 2” section on the right side of the occipital bone and secure it with an elastic.
  3. Add subtle texture using Kerastase VIP on the lengths of the remaining hair.
  4. Divide the remaining hair into two sections to create a soft side part.
  5. Tie the sections into two knots, creating a large chain-type knot and secure with bobby pins.
  6. Finish off by wrapping and tucking the remaining lengths into the knot using pins.


bridal-hairstylesKnotted Chignon at Monique Lhuilier

Nina Dimachki created one of the more simplistic low buns seen, at Monique Lhuilier.

  1. Start by applying a mousse like Kerstase Mousse Bouffante  to the roots and Ciment Thérmique from mid-length through the ends onto clean dry hair.
  2. After blowing dry hair away from the face, create a center part and gather hair at the nape of the neck and secure into a ponytail.
  3. Next, curl the ends of the hair and lightly sprayed a hairspray for hold.
  4. To finish it off, create a tight, slightly asymmetric knot, tucking in the accessible curls underneath and securing with bobby pins.