Bridal Beauty Count Down: One Month

My May calendar is full of appointments, which is nothing unusual, except for the fact that they're all wedding related.  So here we are – bridal beauty countdown – one month! It's time to put the icing on the cake ladies.  


If you've gotten Botox or fillers earlier in this bridal beauty countdown series, now's the time to visit your dermatologist touch ups.  "Now’s also a good time to try a peel to help you achieve that wedding day glow," commented NYC dermatologist Dr. Ilyse Lefkowicz.  But don't forget about your body.  Schedule a trial spray tan, too, once your face is done peeling. You want to book your spray tan for two to three days before you wedding day.


Make an appointment with your colorist for a touch up or gloss.  If you dye your hair yourself, now's the time for a color refresh.  Even just a clear gloss over your hair will add smoothness and shine that will reflect beautifully in your photos.


Whiten your pearly whites!  Whether you choose to do this professionally or at home, the results of a more beautiful smile are well worth it.

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