Bold Brows are Everything! How I Get Mine

Back in late May I wrote a post called "The Easiest Breakup I've Ever Gone Through" and it wasn't about a man, it was my brow threader.  Now, a little over five months later I've been in a monogamous relationship with my new brow guru, Holly.  With a little TLC, my brows grown fuller and look shaplier thanks to her.  However, they're still not the full, defined brows I dream of (and never will be, thanks genes!) so I get a little help from  my fave new product – Benefit Brow Zings, $30. I first discovered this life changer at the Benefit Boutique opening in Soho this fall when a makeup artist touched up my face before a photo.  I liked her work, my pores disappeared behind Benefit's Porefessional, lip was a subtle pink and all looked very natural, but my brows!  They looked darker and defined.  I was sold.

Brow Zings is a duo shaping kit that has a colored wax on one side and a shadow on the other. I first dip my brow brush into the wax and then a bit into the shadow and go over my arches slightly.  The tinted wax helps to hold the hairs in place and makes the shadow last.  Even though it includes mini tweezers and brow brushes, I like to use my own brow brush because I feel like the length of the handle offers better control.  It's available in three shades for $30 at