Blue Print Cleanse Weekly Challenge

Oz Garcia, nutritionist to fit Hollywood starlets like Hilary Swank and Kim Cattrall, has teamed up with BluePrintCleanse, the unique once-a-week system that helps rid your body of toxins without restricting you to juice and raw veggies for weeks at a time.  Health guru, Garcia, challenges us to one 24-hour cleanse every seven days in the month of May.  Rather than simply focusing on weight loss, this revolutionary program strives to increase energy and activity levels, promote adequate nutrition, and reduce calorie intake long-term. "BluePrintCleanse is an easy and healthy way to detox.  I know no better way to get the vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need to cleanse safely and effectively," stated Garcia.

Here's hot to detox with the BluePrintCleans and Oz Garcia:


Let go of processed foods, sugar, bad carbs, and binging habits to get ready for cleansing day.


Sweat the small stuff!  Stay active to increase stamina and energy before the cleanse.  Plus, perspiration helps get rid of excess toxins beforehand.

Get Sleep

Your body always functions better with adequate snooze time.  The night before the BPC, get an hour extra and watch bloating and sluggishness vanish before your eyes!

Keep a Journal

Throughout the big day, between BPC juice sips, monitor your thoughts, your weight, how you look and feel your energy level, and whatever else is on your mind.  Give yourself tips for next week’s cleanse!

And voilà, you’re on your way to a sexier, healthier you!  Are you up for the challenge?