Bloggers Share the Craziest Things That Happened During NY Fashion Week

It's the first day of NYFW and I've been covering backstage since the spring of 2006, which makes this my 13th season attending.  Woah!  That's crazy!  Besides doing our jobs to bring you the news from backstage and front row, my friends and I have experienced some pretty crazy things through out the years.  Here are our top "OMG" moments: I'll kick it off with a story from when I worked at Cosmopolitan magazine.  I was attending the Zac Posen show for the first time.  Zac Posen, my favorite designer.  Being that he's an investor in the line, Diddy (yes, as in Sean Combs) was sitting in the front row.  I couldn't believe that 1. I was at a Zac Posen fashion show at 22 years old and 2. I was there with Diddy. I was obsessed with him.  So what did I do?  I obviously let my 22-year-old self get the best of me and followed Diddy backstage after the show.  I did not belong there!  Zac and friends were popping champagne so I decided to act like I belonged and joined in!  OMG.  I got a pic with my main man, Diddy, who at the time was there with Kim Porter (and preggers w his twins).  Post show I watched him get into his Rolls Royce and allow Kim walk in the rain pregnant to hail a cab.  I lost all respect!

The craziest thing I ever experienced during NYFW would definitely be when I saw L.A.M.B - and it was Gwen Stefani's very first show.  I've been obsessed with all things Gwen since I was 12 years old and getting to see her debut collection at Bryant Park AND having a reserved seat (with my name and all! LOL) was a top 20 highlight of my life. - Jamie Stone,

The craziest thing I've experienced was the party to celebrate Kim Kardashian's spot as beauty editor at OK magazine (it was a short-lived gig). It was a major affair with a ton of beauty execs, editors and bloggers and totally over-the-top, Kim-style. Unfortunately it was at that event that we learned Patrick Swayze passed away, losing his years-long battle with cancer. But the DJ played an amazing line-up of tribute songs to the fallen star including Time Of My Life and everyone celebrated a little Johnny Castle moment in his honor. And no one was in a corner, obviously. - Amber Katz,

I had a pretty typical jam-packed day of 5 shows, an event and somehow decided to post an exclusive editorial during all of this as well, which meant that I had to schedule a phone interview in the midst of the chaos. So, my event obviously ran an hour late and I had missed the phone interview call. I went running down the street to hail a cab (with a coffee in one hand, mind you) jump in and interview a very well-known makeup artist with a cup of coffee between my legs during the most nauseating cab ride I've ever been in while scribbling notes on the back of press sheets from shows and partially on my bare legs. In that moment I realized that fashion week had won. - Rachel Adler,

Even though it was only the first week of my senior year at Barnard, since I was Fashion Assistant at FHM, I somehow managed to score a 2nd row invite to my very first show: Betsey Johnson. As you can imagine, little 21-year-old me was nearly passing out from excitement. (It was one of my first celebrity sightings, too: Kimora Lee Simmons, in all her giantess glory! Seriously, in heels, she's like 7 feet tall.) The dresses were candy-colored tutu confections and the champagne was especially delicious since I'd just turned legal. The memory is bittersweet, however, because for me that show represents a New York City that no longer exists. The location? Tavern on the Green. The date? September 10, 2001. - Nadine Jolie,

I've always been a huge fan of Herve Leger. The bandage style sucks you in and creates curves you never even knew you had! So, I was beyond thrilled when I had the chance to borrow an outfit to wear to Herve Leger's Fall 2012 show. I chose a black and blue dress with neon green piping. When I walked into Lincoln Center I felt a little self-conscious. As much as I adored the dress it was certainly a statement for a daytime show. But backstage I ran into designer Max Azria. He commented on how he loved the color and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was a major OMG moment. I took my seat smiling from ear to ear. - Sydne Summer,

All kinds of craziness has happened over the years, but the top memorable was the time I covered my first season as a beauty intern at Women's Wear Daily. I was super green around the ears and was told to do backstage beauty interviews. So exciting! I interviewed this one amazing makeup artist who have me all kinds of great quotes and tips. Unsure of her name, I asked her to spell it for verification purposes. She stopped what she was doing, asked me if I was serious, and then grabbed my notebook. In big huge letters she wrote "PAT MCGRATH." I died. Luckily she laughed it off and told me that I had a lot more learning to do if I was going to make it in the industry. Boy was she right! (And yes I still have that piece of paper w/her name on it lol.) - Andrea Arterbery,

Years ago, the very first season I did *anything* remotely fashion week, during the week I went to Robert Verdi's lounge - at a time in history I didn't even know who he was! One of the brands that was sponsoring it that season had done a stupid early  breakfast (and we know how well I handle schlepping from Brooklyn for early AM things) - and I was pre-coffee and somewhat drowsy as I dazedly walked out of the elevator, saw some people I knew on the inside and started to excitedly wave - and then walked FACE FIRST into his glass doors (not realizing there were doors there at all!) - Patrick and Ashley (who at that time I didnt' even know) saw, and had looks of abstract horror on their face as their rushed to open the door (which, was after all, A DOOR0, and let me in, and I had the most unattractive bloody nose EVER - right in the middle of the lounge's kitchen area. Sexy. They were all SUPER nice about it (though I was a complete asshole). - Aly Walansky,