I Rid My Blackheads Without A Facial Thanks to A Middle School Throwback

One the things that irritate me the most in this world are blackheads.  They're more stubborn than my boyfriend when he knows he's right I swear!  I hate having them and when I notice them on other people all I want to do is start trying to squeeze them out.  Gross, I know, but seriously, what's worse in skincare than a noticeably clogged pore?  Before I was reminded of this middle school throw back, I always had to have a facialist extract them.  Yet today, in my own bathroom I was in awe thanks to Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. They're back!  Do you remember obsessing over them in middle school?  I used to use them often and then forgot they existed for a while until I was recently sent a bag of Biore's latest product collection to test out.  I immediately pulled out one of the strips, recalling the fact that I thought they worked, but now as a beauty guru I wanted to really see.  Here's what I tweeted upon removal:

I don't remember dissecting my Biore black head pad THIS much when I was a teenager... #beautygirlproblems

After sitting with the strip on my nose for ten minutes, I peeled it off (and quickly remembered the ouch factor like ripping off a bandaid) and sure enough there were blackheads sticking to the white strip.  They stood up and almost looked like a plucked eyebrow hair with a root (but much smaller).  After dissecting the strip I took to the mirror and was satisfied with my cleansed pores.

Check out Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips at drugstores.