I'm No Longer A Bikram Yoga Virgin

Last Sunday my boyfriend, Joe and I took our first Bikram Yoga class at Bikram Yoga NYC.  I've always been a fan of yoga, but the thought of doing it in a 105 degree room for an hour and a half just didn't sound appetizing. I may take all different types of gym classes and have a passion for working out, which yes, does involve sweating, but until I experienced Bikram Yoga, I didn't know what sweating was.

In a super crowded room of about 40 people, we aligned our mats and covered them with towels to catch our sweat and went through 26 postures twice each.  The whole experience was bitter sweet.  There were times I couldn't focus on anything but the heat and other times where I was able to concentrate on meditation on the poses.

As a Bikram virgin, I got through it and was just proud that I was able to stay in the room and go through it for the full hour and a half.  As much as I was ready for the class to be over, I sickly can't wait to go back.