Betsey Johnson Stays True to Herself for “Le deTour Betsey”

There’s nothing in the world that compares to a Betsey Johnson show. It is a true spectacle, and I was lucky to have the chance to attend her latest runway presentation. The vivacious designer always goes over the top, and her Spring/Summer 2011 collection consisted of her signature crazy neons and clashing patterns. The inspiration behind the collection was simply taking a bike ride through New York City. Sarah Lucero, the lead makeup artist for Stila said, “The look is optimistic, happy, and colorful.” Lucero wanted a “bright, bold green eye”  and accomplished it by wetting Fiji Palette no. 5 eyeshadow and painting it on like a thick paint splotch.  To complete the face she used a hot pink hue on the cheek and Caprice Long Wear Liquid Lip Color (another bold pink) on the pout.

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Nonie Creme, the Founder and Creative Director for Butter London of, created a fun, rainbow sherbet inspired color for the models nails. She applied a Pepto Bismol-like pink color, then Royal Navy, followed by a mustard yellow shade on the tip. “The idea was to create a very pop-art, retro kind of fingernail,” she said. (They did use press-on nails for obvious reasons).

Peter Gray for Redken was the lead on hair, and he was going for an athletic/punk and get this – a road kill vibe. The models sported a mix of dreadlocks, teased waves, and spiky hair. Even though there were a variety of looks, they all sported visible hair bands in bright hues throughout the hair that were made of the same light and loose material as hosiery.

Lead manicurist, Creme told me, “Betsey isn’t driven by global trends--you have to love her commitment to her customer,” and I have to agree. Betsey proves that whimsical, girly clothes don’t have an age, and most importantly, that fashion should be fun!