Betsey Johnson's Backstage Beauty Bonanza

I had been told earlier by Jeannine that backstage at Betsey Johnson was one big party and I was not disappointed.   The day finally came for me to cover her show and I was ecstatic! There were colorful signs everywhere made by the designer herself, champagne flowed and mini cupcakes by Baked By Melissa were abundant. Models and makeup artists alike were almost too busy dancing to the bumping music to get ready for the show. Somehow they managed. Sarah Lucero was the lead on makeup for Stila Cosmetics and the watchword for the show was "glam" (sexy and bombshell were also thrown around). The skin was kept very simple using Stila's Perfect + Correct, Brighten + Correct, and Sheer Pressed Powder. The cheeks were contoured with Stila's Sun Bronzing Powder to create some vavavavoom! The eyes were kept fairly simple with a bold, black cat eye (which stayed put thanks to Stila's Prime Pot and Smudge Pot in black) and loooong jet black lashes. (Sarah's tip for those at home is to apply the mascara and then make the cat eye.)

The main focus of the look were the lips; a bright, glossy, neon pink made with "giggle" luxe lip gloss. The finished product was definitely bold without being too much.

The hair, by Peter Gray for Cutler Redken Salon, was based off of Jerry Hall and Betsey's theme for the evening; "tits and ass". To make the hair as curvy as the motif, Peter used Redken's Number 12 Versatile Working Spray and curled 3/4 of the head all over. The curls were held with pins and sprayed again (I felt the top of the curls, there was a lot of shelac there). The other side of the head was a deep, sleek side part that went all the way from the front of the head to the back of the ear. After the curls were set, using Redken number 7 full frame protective volumizing mousse, the curls were brushed out into gorgeous waves. The finished look was as opulent as the collection.

The most intricate part of the show was definitely Nonie Creme, of Butter Londons nails. They were insane! Nonie said her inspiration came from Betsey's let loose and rock on attitude. The nails were a reverse half moon. She started by painting the nails with Union Jack Black and filing the tips to points. Then putting on a "stair step holographic glitter tip" (If you're confused, don't worry so was I. The stair step bit means that the fake nail sat above the real nail so it was on two different planes). Then, "Of course since it's Betsey," said Nonie. There was a diamante applique on each of the nails at the curve. The most interesting part of the already amazing and innovative manicure were the pinkies. Each pinky was pierced with a baby black safety pin. The safety pin was unbelievably cool and has made me stop biting my nails so I can grow them long enough to get them! Nonie's at home tip for this crazy manicure is to lay all of the fake nails on the table and paint them before you apply them. That way you can put nail polish everywhere and not worry about messing up your manicure.

Betsey's backstage party was amazing and I never wanted to leave. When I finally did, rocking a pink, glittery hair extension that smelled like Betsey's new fragrance, "Too Too", I danced around my room in my favorite Betsey dress listening to '80's music. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Betsey keeping it cool with her own hair extension!