The Easiest Breakup I've Ever Been Through

As a woman some of the most important relationships you'll ever make are with those who beautify you.  You know, you hair stylist, derm and brow specialist.  You find one who understands who you are and you'll never cheat!  Or will you?

Recently, I cheated on my brow lady out of straight up convenience.  I've been in a monogamous relationship with my threading specialist who works directly across the street from my apartment for about three years now and never questioned her work.  My brows were clean.

About a week ago I was getting a blow out at Besu Salon on 18th and 3rd by a woman named Marianna, who I adore and I noticed they also did threading there. Since I needed my brows done too I decided to give it a try.  After all, they just needed a little bit of cleaning.  How much of a risk can it be?  Turns out, it was the best beauty risk I've taken in years!  The brow guru's name is Holly Cheema and she was horrified by my brows and told me that if I stick with her I'll have beautiful brows by December.

Needless to say, I broke up with my brow lady and just today I went back to get my brows cleaned up by Holly again (the hairs are growing in at different rates so I go often).  The relationship we're building is already stronger than the one I had with my ex.  Holly put together a plan for my brows that I understand, a little bit of growth here, length there... it's not just about cleaning them up.

If you live in NYC, I highly recommend visiting her.  The appointment is a bit costly $18.50 versus the $6 I used to pay, but your brows frame your whole face!  I'll never question my decision, it was... the easiest breakup I've ever been through!