NYC & The Blowout

Every city has their thing.  In New York City, it's all about the blow out.  Good hair is our best accessory.  I have to admit, I may write the how-tos (thanks to stylist interviews) and test out all of the latest hair products but when it comes to blowing out my own hair, it's a big fail.  I do it, but it never looks quite as good as when I get it professionally done. That's where Marianna comes in.  Years ago she trained under Fekkai and traveled the world working as a stylist, but I found her at Besu Salon in Gramercy Park (the same place I get my brows threaded).  She sets each section of hair after its dried in rollers, takes them out and I swear I experience a miracle every single time.  The best part – her blow outs are under $60.

Besu Salon – 234 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10003