BeautySweetSpot's Fave 5 Lip Glosses

Lip glosses are like men – so many options, so little time. With so many types how's a girl supposed to decide which is her perfect match? After testing countless glosses, we rounded up our top five faves for achieving soft, luxurious lips for well, you know what.  MWAH! Bachelor Number 1: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Magic Spell, $18

This bachelor can put a love spell on you, what you see is what you get. It has little color, lots of shine, not to sticky, and easy to apply. This future lover comes in shades of browns, pinks, and neutrals; which will make you want to explore a variety of flavors.

Bachelor Number 2: Neutrogena Moisture Shine, $8.49

This stud comes in 20 different shades, and ladies get this – he's Brazilian. Made with Brazilian butter this gloss keeps your pucker super moisturized and has an SPF 20. Perfect for smooching under the sun!

Bachelor Number 3:  Nars Lipgloss, $24

Just like a great man, Nars lipgloss last for hours. Not sticky, it's just right. Available in a variety of colors, (Easy Lover, is my favorite, a sheer hot pink) and easy to use. A bit pricey, but a great relationship is worth the investment.

Bachelor Number 4: Avon Glazewear Lipgloss, $6

This bachelor may be the cheapest of them all, but has the quality of a gentleman. This lip gloss keeps your lips soft and smooth while giving you the confidence that you need for any hot date.

Bachelor Number 5: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss, $7

Get mega-shine that every man in the room will notice. Last for hours, not sticky, and comes in numerous yummy flavors and colors. This lipgloss will have you reaching for seconds, not because you need to reapply, but because it tastes so delicious.