If I Had A 'Beauty Awards' For Lip Balms, These Are Them

I change my bag at least once a day between a tote, hobo and clutch and am gauranteed to find at least two lip products in each of them as I do the swap.  When it comes to balms, sticks and glosses, I have a billion.  I guess you can say I've been searching for the perfect lip balm without even trying and accidentally found them.  There's two to be fair (seriously, how could I pick one?), an oldie but goodie and brand new gem that always make it into my bag. Fist is MAC Lip Tinted Conditioner SPF 15 in Petting Pink.  I used to use MAC's lip conditioner a long time ago (I'm talking years) and then got distracted by so many other new products that I actually forgot about it.  I don't know how I could have forgotten about a product this good.  While at Sundance last weekend, MAC Makeup Artist, Keri Blair tweeted that this has been her go-to product during Sundance and I was thrilled because she reminded me of it's greatness.  I saw her at lunch the next day and she brought me one!  I love that it's called a conditioner, because it really does condition my lips.  It's a medium weight emollient that adds a bit of sheer, natural color to my lips.

The other is a new lip balm, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy,  which is new this winter and I started using at Sundance as well.  I've always been obsessed with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, but this is different.  It seriously fixes your lips.  My lips have been really dry lately and this is my go-to.  I haven't even been able to wear lipstick because of the chapped lines (I know, ew), so this has been my treatment.  It really hydrates and corrects.  Last week Joe couldn't find his Blistex and I gave this to him and he smeared so much across his lips I was like "Nooooo...!!!!!"  All is well, I just covet it and now he does too!