The Best Lip Balms for Your Personality

Its that time of year where you find yourself buying and carrying dozens of different lip care products to beat these dry chapped seasons. No need for any more of that nonsense. Here are our favorite lip care products to use this winter that will leave you with just the right look. Already use them and have a favorite flavor picked out? Well, lets just see what that might say about your personality.    

 Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm 

This has been my favorite lip product since it came out. I never thought a lip balm could provide me with such great color, smell delicious and keep my lips healthy and soft.

Healthy Blush (my personal favorite shade) is for the young lady who always likes to be in control (not that that’s me or anything). It allows for a hint of color and shimmer without being overwhelming. For those more adventurous and extravagant, Sunny Berry is a great pinkish plum shimmer for the winter.

Nivea Soothing Lip Care 

This soothing balm is much less about the look and more about how your lips feel. So the many flavors don’t necessarily provide different looks, but different scents and tastes.

A Kiss of Shimmer is a great flavor for the confident girl who doesn’t need color to add to her look. She loves what she has and just wants to enhance it. Mint and Minerals is for the free spirit girl that lives a relaxed stress-free life to the fullest.


This is the old faithful of lip care. It’s been around for so long for a reason. It gets the job done with so many fun flavors to choose from.

Of course there are the classics like Cherry for those nostalgic of their childhood; maintaining her playful attitude in any way possible including using a chap-stick that smells like the envious Hi-C juice boxes that defined your childhood. Or Spearmint for the more sophisticated older woman whose busy and organized lifestyle made her successfully fulfilled.

Maybelline Baby Lips

This Maybelline moisturizing lip balm completely seals in moisture without constantly having to reapply. It leaves your lips looking silky smooth week after week.

Pink Punch for the bubbly personable socialite who lives by the motto the more the merrier. Peach Kiss’s tope tone is perfect for the quiet and kind girl whose loyalty makes her a great companion.