Hair Extensions Are A Girl's Best Friend... How An Added Boost Can Make A Huge Impact

I'm back!  I'm back to being Jeannine Morris, the beauty blogger with long, full hair and I love it!  If you're a consistent reader of BeautySweetSpot you know that I've always toyed with hair extensions, from glue in to clip on and of course, the creme de la creme... Great Lengths.  I've been relying heavily on my clip ins for the past year, because with all of the on camera work I do, added hair is always an added bonus.  A visit to the Jeff Chaistain Parlor two weeks ago pushed me over the edge when my colorist, Jan Marie Arteca convinced me once again that it was time... go big or go home.  

That first salon visit ended in adding depth to my single processed chocolate brown hair with lighter brown highlights.  I loved it.  Dimension was needed, but now, so was more hair.  I'm addicted.  Jan put in the order for Great Lengths like she did before (see post) and I found myself back in her chair two weeks later.

Blending the two shades to continue the added depth she already started, she worked quickly and strategically and five hours later (yes, five hours and that's quick) I had the hair I always wanted.  Isn't it funny how much we let our hair define our image?  I mean, look at my before and afters!

I will say that if I wasn't on camera I wouldn't have gotten them.  My hair is long, but very fine.  When on camera it looks finer.  With the way my career is heading (and I hope it continues to steer this way), if added hair can help, I'm adding hair.  Don't let people trick you.  It's not just a celebrity thing.  Everyone in TV adds hair.  Check out the post I did on Kelly Ripa's new hair.   The added boost makes a huge impact.

Now let me tell you about Great Lengths.  I've had them twice before and fall in love with them over and over again.  The quality of the hair is the best I've ever come across in all of my experiments with extensions.  It comes from India and it's real.  Yes, it can be washed and styled and last about three months.  The bonds are made of keratin and don't damage your real hair, but care is crucial.

If you're looking for a boost, I would recommend starting with clip in extensions made of real hair.  They work so well and can be washed and styled.  I got mine at the Helena Collection in NYC.  They match your color and texture so well and can easily be popped in and out.  My only fear with the Great Lengths is that I'll be revolving my workouts around my blowouts!  That's what tends to happen.  Not this time I keep telling myself.  Not. This. Time!

I have to thank Jan Marie for always making me look fab!  The Jeff Chaistan Parlor is located at 29 W. 17th St. NY, NY 10011.