Best Actor Winner, Jean Dujardin's Groomer Dishes on Oscar Night

A year ago, I (like most) didn't even know who French Actor, Jean Dujardin was, until he starred in The Artist and became an Oscar nominee for 'Best Actor' along with American hotties, George Clooney and Brad Pitt.  Well, after Dujardin took home the title last night I called up his groomer, Louise Moon to get the scoop on how she prepped Hollywood's new star for the battle of the sexy, but the dish went on and I found out so much more.

"Being a groomer you have to be supportive of the actors, but not in their face," Moon states.  "When I got him [Dujardin] ready for the Oscars he was exhausted so I had to be really low key, shut the door and make him relaxed.  Sometimes he’s very talkative, but not this time."

Moon met Dujardin at 1pm to prep his skin and style his hair.  No one else was around – no stylist, assistant or manicurist.  "He's a very simple man and trusts me to do what needs to be done to make him look refreshed," she commented.  She found him exhausted.  He's been traveling and on a whirlwind of press tours and awards shows in the US and Europe so his skin was her main concern.

It was dry from climate changes so after moisturizing, she used Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches, helped to minimize dark circles and puffiness around his eyes and then the Talika Skin Retouch Eye Contour Wand (available Spring) beneath both eyes.

Since he has fine hair, she thickened it up by applying Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice (I'm a huge fan of this, too) just to the roots and then blowdrying.  "He likes his hair to look alive, but not not perfect so I like to give it a bit of texture by layering products without having it look like they're layered," states Moon.  She then uses a small dollop of  Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme, which is a gloss to give it a bit of sheen for the red carpet lighting.

I spoke with Moon this morning around 10:30 and it turns out she just left Dujardin.  "I've been with him since 8am," she says.  "I'm just as exhausted as he is now!"  He had a series of interviews this morning and Moon was on call.  A day in the life of a celebrity groomer.

And you have to check out this video Leonor Greyl made... no words.