Behind the Look: Joanna Pensinger Ford

Joanna Pensinger FordWelcome to “Behind the Look” – a new feature that showcases the talent behind the looks we love – the real celebrities in my eyes.

With clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Bacon and Ewan Mcgregor to name a few, Men's Groomer Joanna Pensinger Ford, has had her hands on some of the hottest men in Hollywood (Leonardo.  Enough Said.).  Here, she talks about her most exciting project, must-have products and grooming tips, which we can pay attention to, too!

Describe the most exciting project you’ve worked on lately.

My most exciting project was working on Kevin Bacon for Jimmy Fallon when we made a mock Footloose skit. Not only is Kevin an amazing person but Footloose has always been one of my favorite movies. I was dancing and giddy for the whole shoot day.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is "Quick and Effective". Whether it be my work or the product I use. Men do not like a lot of fussing yet they enjoy seeing and feeling improved.

Joanna Pensinger Ford productsWhat are the top five must-haves in your kit and why?

My must haves in my kit to achieve that feeling is:

1) La Mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion which hydrates yet combats shine.

2) Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer is an immediate result product it both cools and depuffs tired eyes.

3) Wahl beard trimmer, I love the nose trimmer attachment which is also great for the ears.

4) My mini flat iron by Sedu Revolution. It's a quick way to tame curly or frizzy hair around the roots and neckline.

5) V76 Molding Paste is an amazing hair product with hold and great flexibility.


Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive?

The best new product that I just discovered is by a new company, Montez Renault. It is the No. 15 Jojoba Smoothing Scrub, they created an exfoliator that is both extremely effective and hydrating. I also like that they use a majority of organic ingredients.

Spill your best grooming advice.

My best grooming advice is Exfoliate. Men tend to skip the important steps for better skin. Exfoliating decreases your chance of getting ingrown hairs and keeps your skin youthful.

What’s the one tip or trick that you think all men should know?

My tip to all men is, invest in Tea Tree Oil. I make a tonic that I spray on every client before I start because it preps their skin by balancing the bacteria on your face. If you have oily skin it neutralizes the oil on your face. However if you have dry skin it soothes and moisturizes.