BeautySweetSpot Reader Donates 12" of Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Everyday I receive products in the mail from different companies that want me to try them for possible review on BeautySweetSpot.  But in October I received a mailing from Pantene that really caught my attention.  It wasn't the shampoos and conditioners from their Beautiful Lengths collection that made me stop and think, it was an 8" ruler included in the bag. That was my first introduction to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Pantene's partnership with the American Cancer Society in which they make free wigs for adult women with cancer.  I knew right away I wanted to partner with them.  One of my best friends Melanie has been growing out her hair to donate it.  After a bit of back and forth she agreed she was ready to break up with her long locks and go under the scissors for Pantene.

This weekend we visited the Mark Garrison Salon in NYC and where Mark Garrison himself was ready to chop away.  Previously a Locks of Love cutter, he partnered with Pantene years ago to offer free cuts for his customers who donate their hair on Wednesdays at his salon and half off any other day because he believes in their work.

"I like working with Pantene over Locks of Love because their messaging is clear," Garrison said.  "You know exactly who your hair is being donated to and the partnership with The American Cancer Society solidifies that."

Garrison didn't just pull Melanie's hair back into a ponytail, make one big chop and send her on her way.  Instead, he took time with her to talk to her about styling her hair after the cut to ensure her that she was going to look fabulous walking out of the salon.

He started by sectioning her hair into several ponytails all around her head and cutting them one at a time.  This way he got the most length at all points and roughly shaped her new style.  Twelve inches later he shaped up her cut and she looked like a new person.

"I was ready to part ways with my hair," Melanie stated.  "It was so long it would just hang and I couldn't even style it anymore."

Things did get emotional at times, but more exciting that anything.  Check out the video footage of the first snip and Melanie's reaction below.

The requirements to donate hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths were that you had to have at least 8" to cut and your hair had to be virgin.  I haven't had virgin hair since I was about 13!  Melanie was the perfect candidate.  If you know someone who's thinking about donating their hair check out the website.

Mel's Reaction While Cutting: The After Effect: