Top Beauty Innovations

Of course if you're reading BeautySweetSpot, you want the insider scoop. Thanks to Cosmetic Executive Women, I have the 411 on the top beauty innovations of the year. From your beloved CC Creams to pigmented pouts and a demand for more sophisticated skincare, check out what's hot.

  • Get Masked!:  Masks and peels saw a 66% sales jump in prestige outlets in 2013 and helped meet consumers’ need for immediate results.
  • Size Matters: The mass market was inundated with volume-driven mascaras in 2013, showing that thicker lashes are this years’ must-have.
  • Anti-Aging Hair Care: Fighting the signs of aging moved from skin into hair care with creams, serums and even a color made with anti-aging formulas.
  • Buzz Words: Gentle, Oil-Based, etc. This year exfoliation is taking a back seat to facial cleansers that treat skin gently. Oils, gentle gels and hydrating cleansers were the stars in 2013.
  • Art Inspired Eyes: Beauty companies took an artistic cue by using tints, washes and pigments in their eye formulas in 2013. 
  • All About CC: CC Creams upped the ante in the alphabet soup of skin care with new tints, sticks and sprays.
  • Color Returns to Lipcolor: Glosses and shines were overpowered by deep lip hues with rich, buildable staying power.
  • Professional Lines: Products from industry experts are on an upswing, fueled by consumers seeking credibility from their beauty formulas. “Professionals” range from brands by doctors to items by beauty veterans.