Beauty Through the Decades

Imagine living in a simpler time where beauty was so streamlined that using a bar of soap was considered an effective skincare regimen.  I just received a mailing from the CVS Beauty Club highlighting beauty then and now that made me truly appreciate how far technology has come! You won't believe what woman used to do compared to what we do today.  Read on and appreciate! Skincare

Then: An effective skincare regimen used to include cleansing with a bar soap and smoothing on moisturizer.  Can you imagine?  Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid was one of the first products to be introduced that offered a non-greasy, more luxe texture.

Now: New technology not only allows us to choose the type of formula we want to meet our lifestyles and skincare needs, but also the application method.  Creams, serums, oils and cleansers, do everything from erasing fine lines, plumping the skin, evening out it's tone and protecting it from environmental factors.


Then: Foundations came in heavy, very limited shade ranges and women had to wear falsies daily in the 60's as their lashes were their main accessory.  Talk about high maintanence!  Lip color was always in, but the popular shades shifted from screen siren reds to nudes and eventually burgundy.

Now: Skincare ingredients are now incorporated into cosmetics making almost all of them "good for your skin." Foundation isn't the only option now (thank God!) as face makeup comes in a variety of forms depending on the coverage you're looking for (i.e.: tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, CC Cream…).  Most brands have a decent amount of shade ranges, too.  Mascara formulations and intricate wands are now also designed to create specific looks so daily falsies aren't necessary.  Lip care goes way beyond pigment as we now also have texture options ranging from matte to sheer.

Hair Styling

Then: Women used to have to sit for hours at the salon with rollers in their hair to create curls or use an actual clothing iron to straighten their hair.

Now: Where do we begin?  Achieving a salon worthy style at home is easier than ever thanks to all of the styling tools that are available to us. There are even different types of curling irons for different types of curls! Talk about specifics!


Then: The polish decision was solely about color.

Now: We're all nail artists.  The demand for effects is in full effect and a simple manicure just doesn't cut it anymore.  Ombre, 3D and crackle meet polka dots, chevron and color blocking.


Then: To fit the mood of the times, scent trends changed with the decades.

Now: You probably have at least three fragrances to rotate with your ever changing moods.   Your scent is another element of your personal style and rules don't exist anymore.  Unisex fragrances are more popular and let's face it, if it has Lady Gaga's name on it, it's selling out.