Beauty Secrets of the Rockettes

RockettesCan you believe it's almost time to prepare for the holiday season?  I'm writing this from sunny California, where it's 80 degrees and I can't even begin to think about snow.  Last week however, I found myself in a kick line with the Rockettes at their rehearsal studio in Radio City Music Hall learning the moves to one of their Christmas Spectacular performances thanks to POND'S.  Ever wonder what it's like to be a Rockette?  How about some of their beauty secrets?  I got you covered.  Hint: They do their own makeup!

That's right, NYC's Radio City Rockettes do their own makeup for every performance.  I found that shocking, especially since their iconic red lips are always perfectly painted and smudge-proof, which is not an easy task for a performer.  Post performance, they remove their stage makeup with POND'S – specifically the Cold Cream Cleanser and Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, because they remove makeup easily and moisturize at the same time leaving their skin soft and pampered.

Besides having great skin, Rockettes are known for having amazing legs! I spoke with Rockette, Sierra Ring to find out the secrets behind their gams.  Our interview went something like this:

Oliptical or Stairmaster

Wax or Shave

Lotion or Oil

Stockings or Bare Legs

Heels or Flats

Self tan or Sun tan

Shorts or Short Shorts

Red Pedi or Nude Pedi

Fun facts huh?  Want to see the Rockettes at Radio City this year?  Enter the POND'S + Rockettes NYC Holiday Getaway Sweepstakes for your chance to win tickets and join our Twitter chat on Monday, November 3rd using #PONDSperforms.  I'll leave you with this adorable video that'll make you want to start your own kick line.

*This post is sponsored by POND'S, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.