5 Benefits of Beauty Oil

beauty-oilWe here at BeautySweetSpot cannot live without our favorite beauty oils (hello, Rodin Olio Lusso). They provide us with so many health and beauty benefits, but the best part is that just one small drop can get the job done, and the job done well.  Here are just five reasons you need to keep oil in your vanity in order to survive the dry winter months.

1. Lock in Moisture

Not only does beauty oil provide you with super soft skin, but they actually lock moisture in to provide longer all-day nourishment. You can mix it into your moisturizer or apply it as is after a warm shower and you’re skin will seriously thank you this winter.

2. Prep Your Lips

Oil is a key ingredient in a lot of DIY beauty recipes. Mix a little brown sugar in some olive oil and use it as an exfoliating lip balm. You’re lips will benefit from the exfoliating and moisturizing aspects of this recipe and it's great to do as prep before putting on your lipstick.

3. Remove Makeup

Run out of eye makeup remover?  Oil can break down your eye makeup while remaining gentle enough to keep from irritating your eyes.

4. Prevent Ingrowns

Using beauty oil before shaving preps the skin for a clean, smooth shave while moisturizing. This will leave your skin post-shave feeling sleek and refreshed.

5. Strengthen and Condition Your Hair

Beauty oils aren’t just for your skin. They can also seriously strengthen and condition your hair. Just apply a small drop to your palms and rub them through the ends of your hair. Once you apply, the hair absorbs it all in so there’s no need to continue packing it on.

Of course, we understand that you might be hesitant about applying oil directly to your face or in your hair as it sounds like it would do more damage then good. But trust us on this one, we wouldn't steer you wrong.  Check out this post for some oil suggestions.