Gadgets & Apps for the Beauty Obsessed

Technology exists to make our lives easier. And we love it for that,  but prepare to fall in love even more when you hear about the latest tech that beauty has to offer.  At home blowouts on the cheap!  Need I say anymore?  Keep reading to find out about the latest app and bracelet that has us excited.

I’m here to give a warm welcome to the best, most convenient app since Uber: Glamsquad. What is it you ask? It’s an app that not only allows you to book a blowout from your phone, but it books an at-home blowout. That’s right, I said at-home. A stylist will come to you and create a style of your choosing. Prices range from $50 to $125, depending on what type of style you want and with transportation costs are included. I don’t think you need much more to be convinced its your new favorite app.  It's free and available for the iPhone.

The other is June, a bracelet that measures the sun’s intensity in real time.  It’s synced to an app on your smartphone that then alerts you when you’re approaching your day’s limit or exposure. It’s tailored to your skin type and habits and offers tips on sun exposure. Super smart.

And you thought you depended on technology before.