Beauty Gadget Review: Tanda Pearl

Confession: the most recent beauty gadget I'm testing makes me drool.  I'm not drooling over it because I'm lusting, I'm actually drooling because of it.  It's the Tanda Pearl, an at-home teeth whitening device that has been making me smile a whole lot more (as if I don't all of the time anyway!). I'm often weary about beauty gadgets as they normally cost a pretty penny and I don't think they ever really live up to their expectations (mine are super high), but of course I try them anyway just in case.  This is like bringing the dentist office to your bathroom.  If you ever had your teeth professionally whitened, you know the dentist puts a gel on your teeth and then you sit under a light for about 20 minutes a few times.

With this little gadget, it fits into your mouth like a mouth piece and you fill the gaps with a thick gel on both sides (same concept as the dentists office).  I like that it covers your teeth all the way around your mouth and not just the front.  With the press of a button, it activates and I wear it five minutes twice a day.  After the first day I noticed results but after a full five days, I was really impressed.  Totally worth the 10 minutes of drooling a day! My teeth look awesome!  This beauty gadget is BeautySweetSpot approved.

You can get the Tanda Pearl at Neiman Marcus for $195.