Be Aware of Emotional Aging

Believe it or not, your emotions can age you.  Not just mentally, but because there's a direct connection between your brain and your skin, it ages you physically as well. This direct correlation allows negative emotions of depression, stress and being overworked to take a toll on  your once radiant complexion. The results of emotional aging can be dull, colorless skin, deep under eye bags and wrinkles can appear quicker than normal.  An example of emotional aging can be seen when celebrities go through separations or divorces.  Truth is, almost everyone suffers from it at some point in their lives.

The Orlane laboratories came out with a skin care cream called Hypnotherapy that interrupts the neuronal connection protecting your skin from suffering from any negative emotions.  Going for $490, it's pretty pricey, (I'd rather buy a new Marc Jacobs bag!) but if you're going through a time of need you may want to think twice about your investments.  Save your skin!