Bathe in Booze

Get a buzz in the tub... well, almost.  I'm not talking about sipping a glass of wine or champagne while taking a relaxing bubble bath.  Who has time for that anyway?  I'm talking about lathering up with Zirh Cocktail Bars, $15 ea. There's a drink for everyone's tastebuds including screwdrivers, Long Island iced teas, cucumber martini, hurricanes and sake bombs.  The screwdriver is as simple as the drink and smells uplifting like fresh oranges, but the Long Island iced tea is definitely a sweet treat.  The vodka, gin, rum, tequilla and tripple sec were replaced with a combination of citrus (hello sour mix) and caffeine.  However it's scented like caramel, mimicking that splash of coke.

Bathing in booze is like the pregame before the pregame.  No?  I mean personally I wouldn't want my skin smelling like a LIT, but it's a pretty cool concept.  What's your favorite cocktail?