Ban Cellulite Now

Let's face it, truth is, no matter how skinny a person is, cellulite is still one of their biggest enemies, especially during bikini season.  Yes, that's tiny little Eva Longoria in the photo to the left with cellulite!  Owner of the Townhouse Spa in NYC, Jamie Ahn, filled me in on how to eliminate the enemy (and she's not a fan of creams). "Cellulite treatments in the spa have sky rocketed about 60% in the past month because of bathing suit season," stated Ahn.

The Townhouse Spa offers a cellulite treatment that uses an Ultrasound and non-invasive subdermal therapy to treat all different forms of cellulite.  It can be performed... anywhere on your body from your butt and thighs to your stomach and upper arms.  However if you can't afford spa treatments, there are things you can do on your own to improve the appearance of cellulite.

"The key to ridding cellulite is all in circulation," spilled Ahn.  The best thing to do before hitting the beach is get a massage.  Your butt, and thighs normally receive no circulation on their own so you have to work them yourself.  Do squats and lunges to get the blood flowing in that area and massage it in a circular motion.  You'll see in a short period of time that the cellulite is not as noticeable.  You can also drink water with electrolytes.