Backstage: Vassilios Kostetsos

This week I was introduced to a famous Greek designer, Vassilios Kostetsos.   It was a special show because it was the first time Kostetsos was partaking in New York Fashion Week.  

Mehron, a makeup line that normally dominates Broadway, created the look using the inspiration of the bronzed goddess.  Raedawn Johnson lead the Mehron team in making up 20 models, using brown and gold eye shadows, bronzer, a pop of pink on the cheek and clear glossy lip.  

All of the concentration was on the eye. "When doing a heavy eye, it's easiest if you start with the eyes first. This way you can easily clean up whatever gets all over your skin," remarks Johnson.  Mehron Aura Bronzing Gel was mixed with moisturizer and used on the models who were wearing bathing suits.

"Since the collection is so structured, we knew we had to put all of the hair up to show off the strong pieces," commented lead Mizo stylist, Angela Soto.  Using Oribe Gel Serum, the stylists slicked back the hair into a side parted front pouf and then twisted the back up into a classic bun.  

One of my favorite spas in the city, Townhouse Spa, brought their team in to take care of nails.  Jamie Ahn, President of the spa, lead her manicurists to create a clean look using an oldie but goodie, Essie's Prima Ballerina on the hands and feet.