Vibrant Color and Bird Inspiration, Backstage Toni Francesc

The Toni Francesc fall 2011 collection was inspired by the GARUDÀ bird-- a mystic creature that plummets to its death in fire and then comes back to life after 500 years, bringing back with it all this energy and color. All of the clothes from the collection had such vibrant color, mostly rich shades of red, orange, and gold, so the makeup concentrated on perfecting the skin. Mehron Celebre Foundation, which has a lot of moisture in it, was used. Jackie Mgido from Mehron was the lead on makeup, and she told me that the models’ eyes were supposed to mimic the bird. She darkened the eyes and put on amazing lashes to create a wing-like effect. A rich red shade from Mehron was also applied on the lips, and nothing was used for the eyebrows or cheeks.

Clyde from Salerm Cosmetics was the lead on hair, and he explained to me the two different looks that were being executed. He created big curls for the opening model, to reflect the bird inspiration of the whole collection (and it didn’t hurt that the model had stunning, fiery red locks)! To achieve this look, he used a volumizing mousse to give it hold and a 1 ½ inch curling iron. And for every other look after the opening, all the models wore their hair in the same “deconstructed updo.” The innovative style included a fringe pushed to the face, to again evoke the feeling of a bird. All products used were unique to each model, depending on her natural hair texture. A key product that was used before applying hot tools to the hair was the Keratin Shot, which is designed to help straighten the hair while rejuvenating and softening it. Just like the clothes, the makeup and hair at Toni Francesc was truly a work of art.