Backstage Beauty Report: Zac Posen

Throughout my 14 seasons of reporting, I've never missed a chance to cover backstage Zac Posen.  The gowns are so beautiful it hurts.  This time, I followed Zac around backstage and watched as he inspected some of them one last time before they made their runway debut.  Special.  The look immediately reminded me of a modern day Marie Antoinette, delicate floral appliques placed into texturized updos and a soft ballerina inspired makeup.

Even though the look is very romantic, Kerastase's Odile Gilbert described it as, "f*ed up hair," explaining that no two updos were alike.  After loosely curling the model's strands, she used K Powder Bluff Texturizing Dry Shampoo to give it the texture it needed to artisticly pin it up with no rhyme or reason.  Finishing by pinning in the florals.

After seeing the clothing, Kabuki, MAC's lead makeup artist, knew the look was going to be romantic, but wanted to have one element of contrast, but have the feel of a ballet - a graphic element to the eye.  Using MAC's #43 lashes and Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara, his goal was to give the top lashes volume, but not length to add dimension to the eye.  "There's something very feminine about the movement of the eye," he explained. "It's simple, but holds up with proportions of the clothes."  An elegant, but precise line was also drawn on top and black pencil was smudged underneath to complete the eye look.  The face was kept nude and lip color was enhanced.

Two colors were used to create a faded nail look.  Morgan Taylor's Coming Up Roses and Polished Up. First Coming Up Roses was applied and then Polished Up was sponged on by rocking it back and forth to create the faded effect, lead manicurist, Gina Edwards explained.

The backstage scene is always my favorite.  Of course, I love covering backstage beauty, but there's something about Zac Posen that makes me want to stay. Here are some more pics I just had to share with you!