Backstage: Baby Phat

As I was running on the treadmill I got a call from one of my good friends who works at InStyle asking me if I wanted to join her at Baby Phat.  (Yes, I have my blackberry with me at the gym).  I immediately pressed "end workout," skipped the cool down and ran to get ready.  

I didn't have access to Baby Phat this year, but it was always one of my favorite shows to go to in the past for many reasons: the front row is the best place to people watch, the vibe and scene is unreal and the hair and makeup looks are always wild.  Kimmora knows how to throw a party.

The overall inspiration for the look was summer in Morocco meets '70's Bohemian chic. MAC did the make up lead by James Kaliardos, who created an elongated winged shaped eye using a collaboration of deep blue hues.  Colors used were: Deep Truth Frost Eye Shadow, and Fly-By-Blu PearlGlide Eye Liner with Light Violet Crushed Mineral Pigment added into the inner corners of the eye.

The cheeks were tanned and contoured with a combination of Florida and Joie De Vivre Creme Blushes and a bit of Crushed Metal Pigment in Dark Pink was used to highlight the cheekbones.  The lip was a gorge peach, Love Nectar LustreGlass.  Very wearable.

The hair was to die for.  Odile Gilbert of Moroccanoil and her team added lots of extensions into each of the models hair before curling the whole head with a two inch curling iron.  Once all curled, it was gently brushed out. A small French braid (about one inch thick) was added across the front of the head at the hairline starting from behind one ear to the other to act like a head band.  

Out of all of the shows I've been to so far, the nails at Baby Phat were my favorite.  Creative Nail Design's Jan Arnold and team filed the nails to a medium, almond shape and used their color, Gold Chrome.  However, they added a bit of a twist.  The nails were super metallic and shiny, to the point where they appeared Minxed, and a gold chrome mineral wash was done on the toes.  Here, they used an air dry top coat that's super thick and luminous. (Photo below is my friend Sheryl and I with Jan Arnold).

My friend and I ended up sitting third row for the show and noticed Miss J (who I love!), Lisa Rinna, Amanda Lepore, Ice T and his wife Coco, and some other D list celebs.  However, I did run into (OMG) Kim Kardashian backstage and she is stunning and much tinier than you think.  I was surprised because when I attended this show in the past I met people like 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Christina Millian, Maya, Kelly Rowland and sat behind Lil' Kim! There were really no big names in hip hop or at all.

Check out footage from the show on my YouTube channel!