Axe Twist Giveaway

Women get bored easily.  This is new inspiration behind the new fragrance AXE Twist, which changes as it's worn. Starting off smelling fresh with hints of citrus and lime (to make a good first impression), then settling into deep earthy notes of cedar and sandal wood, which are more sexy, masculine scents (hello, what's your name again?) the fragrance keeps you interested.

I'm giving away 10 prize packs that include a Swiss Army toiletry bag filled with the deodorant body spray, deodorant stick, and antiperspirant stick so you can put them to test on your man!

Here's how to win:

1. Fan Beauty Sweet Spot on Facebook

2. Comment below by telling me what keeps you interested in a man

The ten winners will be announced Sunday, April 25th so be sure to check back on the below comments and Facebook.  Good Luck!