An AXE Giveaway That'll Turn You (and Him) On

Last week I was talking about flirting with Flirt! cosmetics and besides mascara being a flirting secret weapon (wink) I have to say a sexy scent is an ultimate flirting must have.  Better yet, forget flirting. One whiff of an intoxicating blend can create  a complete throw-me-down-on-the-kitchen-counter reaction.  Ladies, you know what I mean. As a matter of fact, according to a study done by AXE, two out of three women admitted they would be more likely to make out with a guy on a first date if his scent was right.  I'm asking what's wrong with the rest of them?  There's something so captivating about a good fragrance, but a difference between a good scent and an I-want-you scent.  If men were smart, they'd all use scent as their secret weapon. Hey, I do.

I will admit that I have one scent (out of about seven that I rotate between) that's my signature sexy scent. Ladies, it turns guys on.  Everyone asks what it is, but I won't tell them!  Like I said, it's a secret weapon.

I strongly advise you to find your secret weapon and but better yet, help your guy out too.  AXE not only has their signature body sprays (which are intoxicating) but also hair care that smells sexy too.  I'm giving away full sets of shampoos to four different BeautySweetSpot readers so you can hook your men up!

The full giveaway includes one of each of their new scents: Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo, Heat Igniting Citrus 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner, Zen Soothing Tea Tree Shampoo. Each scent is perfect for different times of day and your mans different moods and needs.  Trust me, he'll thank you.

To win...

Comment below and dish on what turns you on!...

Four winners will be selected at random on Sunday, October 3rd.  Good luck!