AXE for Her is Here! Did It Bring the AXE Effect?

Now this is kind of insane.  Last week I received a locked briefcase from AXE in the mail with a note that read, "You'll receive the code at our event next week." For a few days this mysterious brief case sat in my studio as I pondered what was inside.  I was sent the code via email since I couldn't make it to the event and have to admit, it took me a few minutes to try to figure out how to crack the damn thing open!  I felt like there should have been stacks of $100's inside, but instead it was new AXE Anarchy products for men (as expected) and a surprise, one for women as well – Anarchy Body Spray for Her.  For her? It was AXE's first product for women.  I'm really excited for the brand as I think it's a great idea for them to break into the women's market.  Why not right? The body spray smells super light and fruity, great to toss into your gym bag.

Now I'm a huge AXE fan and love when Joe uses it.  There's one in particular, Cool Metal Body Spray, that I'm obsessed with.  Seriously, it makes me crazy. I'd rather him use that than any cologne on a regular basis. However, I know the reaction wouldn't be the same coming from him if I wore Anarchy.  My advice, wear it for yourself and as a daytime refresher, not for him.  I hope they come out with sexier scents for us that make the men come running! Remember this commercial?  Who doesn't want the AXE effect?